Can I Change My Flight Time with Solaseed?

Can I Change My Flight Time with Solaseed?

Yes, you can change your flight time with solaseed. Solaseed airline is a Japanese regional airline. The headquarter is located in Miyazaki. The airline operates mainly between Tokyo and the islands of Kyushu. It would be best to use the online and offline options to change the flight time. Read the terms and conditions to change the flight time. 

Solaseed Flight Change Policy. 

  • Passengers can change their flight up to 30 days after the flight's original departure without paying any fees. 

  • If the passenger made the changes on the same day of the departure, they must pay the charges. 

  • Traveler is the airline member, and they can change their flight without paying the charges. 

  • If you want to change your flight timings, you should provide valid proof to the airline representative. 

  • You have a refundable flight ticket, and you can make the change only at 1 time. 

  • If the airline changes the flight timings due to a technical issue or delay due to weather, the airline will announce it at the airport, or you will get a notification on your credentials. 

What are the Ways To Change the Flight? 

To change the solaseed flight time, you can use the given options. These are the best methods to change the flight. Here are some: 

  • Use the Manage Booking Option to Change the Flight. 

A passenger faces a problem when taking off for a flight; in that case, they can swap their flight and get a new flight at a suitable time. They can use the manage booking option to swap flights immediately. If they want to know how to use the manage my booking option, they must follow the given instructions: 

  1. Open the official website of Solaseed Airlines. 

  2. Go down to the page and tap on the manage reservation option. 

  3. Provide the credentials like departure date, flight number, last name, reservation number, and first name. After providing these details, click on the search option. 

  4. Click on the change option and select the flight option. 

  5. Select the flight and suitable timings. 

  6. Review the details carefully and click on the submit option. 

  7. Get the confirmation on the registered email id and message on the contact number. 

  • Call the Airline to Change the Flight. 

The traveler wants to speak with the airline representative to change the flight. A phone call is another way to swap their flight timings. They can use this contact number: 0570-037-283 to speak with the representative. To get this contact number, they must visit the official website and tap on the contact option and get this contact number. Follow the IVR steps to connect with the representative by pressing the command carefully. Please don’t miss the IVR steps. Convey the query, and the representative will change their flight. The airline representative will immediately confirm the registered email id and message on registered contact number. 

  • Visit the Airport to Change the Flight. 

Suppose you have a flight and want to change it because you are uncomfortable flying then. You want to swap your flight, and you have tried to dial the contact number, but nobody is responding. You can visit the airport where you have to board your flight. Go to the help center and ask the representative to swap your flight timings. The representative will require some details, and you must provide them. After that, the representative will swap your flight timings and provide the confirmation on the registered email id, and text the contact number immediately. To know more information you can speak with the representative and get the information. 

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