Can I Add A Passenger On My Delta Ticket?

Can I Add A Passenger On My Delta Ticket?

In order to enjoy your trip and each other's company, you strive to bring someone with you if you plan to travel somewhere other than for work. If you are the passenger who purchased a ticket from Delta, that person could be your partner, parents, siblings, or any other loved ones. However, you can try managing your booking on Delta if you decide at the last minute to add more passengers to your ticket. Follow the directions to make adjustments to the confirmed ticket.

Add a passenger to your Delta ticket.

From the website:- You can use the airline's official website for Delta Airlines flight booking and change the ticket afterward. Check the significant steps also:-

  • Hang on to the Delta website from your device's browser.
  • Click on the "My Trips" tab to make changes to your ticket.
  • Fill the spaces with your "Confirmation number", "First name," and "Last name".
  • Your Delta ticket will open, check the edit options in your ticket, and select the add more passengers icon. 
  • Fill up the Name and other required details of a new passenger.
  • Pay the necessary amount to add more people to the same booking.
  • Submit the ticket and confirm your new ticket. 
  • Check the confirmation email for a new ticket with the added passenger details.

Ask for help:- If you cannot find the options to Add passengers to existing bookings or are facing a problem adding the new passenger details. Then you can ask for help from the Delta helpline service. 

  • Help via call:- You may directly call on the Delta help desk number 1800-221-1212. When you make a call to the Delta customer services team, at first, you will hear the IVR select your language. Later, follow IVR's other instructions for connecting your call to the person related to the "manage booking" team. The concerned person will sort out your issue and will let you know how you can add a new passenger to your ticket.
  • Help via Online chat:- Delta's online chat service will help you resolve your query related to adding more passengers on the same confirmed ticket. Reach out to the Delta web portal and look for the "Contact us" option. When you enter the contact page, an icon for chat will arrive on the page. Select the option and type your question about adding passengers. You will be replied to accordingly by the chat services team. 

Points to remember:- There are some important points you must take care of while making or managing your booking with Delta.

  • Suppose you have booked your flight and then decide to manage your ticket within 24 hours. Then you can make changes without paying any extra charges.
  • If you change any details in the ticket after spending the time of 24 hours, then you will pay some amount according to the changes you have made in your ticket.
  • No changes can be made to your ticket once you have done the check-in for your flight or in the last hours before the departure.

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