What is British Airways Cancellation Policy ?

British Airways Cancellation Policy

You must read and abide by British Airways' cancellation policy if you want to change a flight. By remembering a few British Airlines policies, you can simply cancel a flight if it is canceled due to an emergency or for any other reason. For instance, if you had purchased a ticket to Singapore for a family holiday but had to cancel the trip for some reason, you would undoubtedly do so. However, you must be aware of specific British Airways policies in order for you to easily cancel your reservation and receive a refund from the airline.

Cancellation Policies of British Airways:  

Non-refundable flight: If you have booked a non-refundable flight, but you have canceled the flight within 24 hours, then you will get the full refund from British airways, but if you cancel your flight after 24 hours then British airways won’t give you any refund as you have booked a non-refundable flight so the refund would not be applicable on your flight, and in a non-refundable flight you also have to give the cancellation prices which vary according to the kilometers.  

Refundable flight: People who have booked a refundable flight from British airways can get their refund if they cancel their flight 3-4 hours before the departure. For example, if you have booked a flight to London but, due to some emergency, you have to cancel your flight 5 hours before the departure in that case you will get a full refund of your flight tickets as you have booked a refundable flight. In a refundable flight, you don’t have to give any cancellation prices.    

Delay flight: If British airways cancel their flight due to some bad weather condition or any technical issue, then the airways will book you an alternate flight and also provide compensation. Suppose you have booked a flight to Germany, but the weather conditions could be more favorable on the day of departure. In that case, British Airways will provide an alternative to that flight to Germany, and also, the airways will give you compensation.

Medical emergency: If you have any medical emergency, like someone in your family getting ill or someone expires in your family, in that case, you can cancel your flight, but for that, you have to submit all your documents to British airways. For example, you booked a flight with British Airways, but your mother is ill. In that case, you must submit her medical certificate to airways, and you can cancel the flight.

Process: To cancel the flight, you have to follow these steps:

Go to the British Airways

Click on the manage bookings option

Fill your all the details related to the booking 

Then go to the booking page

Click on the menu option 

Then click on cancel Give them a reason, or you can skip it

Confirm your cancellation

Then you will get the confirmation Email from British airways.


All the above information may help you to know how to cancel your flight with British Airways, as now that you know the policy of British airways, it can be easy for you to cancel the flight.   

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