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Gather Knowledge to Cancel the Booking on Avianca Airlines

After reserving the flight, some emergencies arise due to which you want to cancel the bookings, such as weather issues, unstable health, purpose getting canceled, etc. But at the time of cancellation, you do not have information about cancellation policies, fees, processes, etc., which is essential to cancel the bookings. While booking with Avianca airlines, you will get multiple facilities such as various modes for check-in, extra luggage allowance, traveling with pets, etc. If you cannot travel, you can also cancel the bookings, and if you come in, get a money-back policy and then take your amount back. To know Avianca Airlines Cancellation Policy or other relevant information about Avianca flight cancelation, you need to read below. 

Avianca Airlines Flight Cancelation Policies 

Having the information about Avianca airline's cancelation policies is essential as it will give you knowledge that you can cancel the booking for free or you have to pay the charges. To know the cancelation policies of Avianca airlines, you need to read below. 

  • You can avoid flight cancelation charges if you cancel within 24 hours of booking, but after that time, you have to pay the charges to cancel the flight. 
  • When you buy the tickets, if you apply for the insurance of your tickets, you will not need to pay the cancelation cost. 
  • Suppose you get any medical issues after making the booking. In that case, you need to show the relevant documents, such as a health certificate, and you can cancel the booking without paying charges. 
  • For delayed flights for more than 2 hours, you will be able to get complete care at the airport, or if you cancel the booking, you will not need to pay the charges. 
  • You make a booking through any voucher or coupon; you will need to pay the cost of flight cancelation.

Ways to Cancel the Bookings of Avianca Airlines are below 

Via call: If you want to take the representative's help to cancel the booking, you can also do it. To cancel the booking on call, dial +1-(802)-341-3459, +1-(802)-541-3459, and then choose the language you are comfortable connecting with. After this, you need to follow the below-mentioned IVR instructions. 

Press 1 to make a new booking or upgrade your booking

Press 2 to cancel the bookings and apply for a refund

Press 3 if you have queries related to miles 

Press 4 For lost luggage or damaged luggage

Press 5 to connect with the representatives 

After this, choose the option per the query and connect with the representative. You have to provide relevant information about your booking, and they will cancel it. 

Use the Website: If you cannot connect with the representative on call, you can also use the online mode to cancel the booking. You can follow the points below to cancel the booking via the website. 

  • Go to the website of Avianca airlines.
  • After this, click on manage booking. 
  • Then fill out the last name and booking reference number 
  • After this, click to cancel the booking and mention the reason for cancellation. 
  • Following this, you have to make the payments of cancelation 
  • Last you will receive an email to cancel the ticket

You know Avianca Airlines flight Cancellation policy; still, if you get any issues, you can also reach out to their representative. 

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