Air China International Flight Cancellations & Fee

Air China International Flight Cancellations & Fee

Suppose you have booked your tickets on Air China; however, for an unavoidable reason, the tickets have to be canceled. In that case, you must be acquainted with the Air China International flight cancellations policy and process to receive a refund on the canceled tickets to save yourself from the loss. Air China has drawn a concise and transparent policy to make it easy and understandable for passengers to cancel their tickets for various reasons.

Air China International Flight Cancellation Policy:

  • If the ticket is canceled within the same day of booking, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If the ticket is canceled after the risk-free period, a cancellation fee will be charged.
  • The ticket must be canceled before the scheduled flight’s departure. 
  • You will receive a total refund after the cancellation if you have purchased a refundable ticket.
  • If the flight is delayed or canceled by Air China, no cancellation charges will be levied on the passenger.
  • No refunds will be given after cancellation if you have purchased a basic economy ticket.
  • If you are a member of the first/premium class of Air China international flight, you may not be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Only tickets bought from Air China's official website can be canceled via the website, and a claim for a refund can be made. No third-party ticket can claim a refund after cancellation. 

Air China Cancellation Fee:

When a ticket is canceled, a passenger must pay a specific service charge termed a cancellation fee. If you cancel your tickets, the Air china cancellation fee may vary between $100 - $500 depending on the following factors:

  • The class and fare of the ticket
  • The time of cancellation.

The Process to Cancel Tickets on Air China:

There are two ways to cancel the tickets, one online and the other offline. Read below the description to decide the way you prefer to opt for cancellation.

Online Cancellation: One of the easiest ways to cancel the ticket is through the online method that gives instant confirmation on the cancellation. You can use this process anytime from the Air China website or the phone app. To cancel online, do the consecutive steps as explained:

  • Reach
  • Click on “Booking Management
  • Click on manage booking 
  • Select ‘check my booking’ from the list
  • Enter your airline confirmation number or ticket number and surname
  • Choose cancellation of tickets from the options
  • Pay the cancellation charges, if needed
  • Complete the further procedure with the appearing instructions
  • Receive a confirmation of the cancellation on your email id or contact number.

Offline Cancellation:

Cancellation on call: You can call Air China customer service and request assistance with the cancellation of tickets. To call and cancel the tickets, try the given steps:

  • Dial 1 800 882 8122
  • Hear the automated voice
  • Press the mentioned number for ticket cancellations and follow the directions to complete the process
  • You can take the option of speaking to a customer service person for assistance.
  • Share your booking details and pay the cancellation fees.

Cancellation at the Airport: Under emergencies, you can cancel the tickets at an Air China counter in the airport.

Hence, kindly refer to the above information to learn about Air China's international flight tickets cancellations.

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