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Air China Airlines Change Policy 

Sometimes unexpectedly, passengers have to cancel or postpone their bookings. If they don’t know what and how to change their bookings or cancel them, China Airlines has introduced its Air China Airlines Change Policy. This will effectively guide customers to make changes in their bookings quite easily. This policy will inform travellers about their rules and changed fees to make changes in their bookings.

China Airlines Change Flight Rules

Passengers who want to make changes to their bookings should be aware of the Air China flight change policy in case they want to modify their bookings within 24 hours, with no fee to pay. The following information will make you understand their policy.

  • Passengers must pay a change fee if they have done in case changes are done after 24 hours.

  • A request for a change in your booking has to be placed well.

  • The fee will be different for each type of ticket. The fee for Premium Class will be lesser than the Economy class.

  • The fee will be different for international flights as compared to domestic flights.

The Process to Change Air China Bookings

Air China Airlines gives the direct option to make changes in their booking by directly visiting their website. The process is very easy, and you need to follow these steps to know the further process: 

  • Go to the official website, 

  • Go to the “Manage booking” option. 

  • Then you’ll find there “booking itinerary” option. 

  • You have to fill in your reservation number and the last name of the passenger. 

  • Then go to the “Menu” option.  

  • Here you’ll find the date change option. 

  • Now make the necessary changes by making the payment for the same.  

Make the changes through a phone call- According to Air China airlines norms, If you cannot make any changes to your bookings, then you can call Air china customer care at +1-(802)-541-3459, +1-(802)-341-3459 and talk to them directly. They will solve all your problems in changes, they give 24/7 service to their customers or Passengers can also visit the customer service team to meet them physically. It is the best way to make changes to your bookings.

China Airlines Fee Changes 

Passengers need to pay the fee after making changes to their bookings. During changes, passengers are informed of the Air China Airlines Change Policy fee. Fee changes depend on the type of changes also done the timing changes are done; changes can be free in case changes are done within 24 hours.


Air China Airlines is helpful for passengers. There are different ways to make changes to your bookings. You can make changes online by going to their website, and You can do it on call while talking to Air China customer care. They’ll make changes to your bookings, Or you can also visit their customer care centre. They will let you know the further process to make changes to your flight. In which process you are comfortable, you can use that according to your convenience. Also, Air China Airlines provides their services 24 hours a, so their customers don’t face any problems.

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