What is Air Algerie's checked baggage policy?

What is Air Algerie Baggage Policy?

This Algerian airline provides flexibility to their customers by offering digital assistance where you can access every other flight service such as flight status, refund claim, check-in, baggage status, baggage claim, information about your baggage, and its policies, which are detailed in this article. Read over this Air Algerie Baggage Policy to familiarise yourself if you are bringing bags or other items with you. The airline charges additional fees to allow that baggage; these policies will be implemented at that time.

Here are the baggage policies of Air Algerie mentioned below 

  • The airline allows air algerie to allow their passengers to carry one free cabin bag with a maximum weight should be 10 kg.
  • If the following passenger has carried a laptop, handbag, or camera bag, which dimension should fall into the size of 35 cm in height, 55cm in width, and 25 cm in thickness.
  • If you have the carried luggage, then it should fit in the cabin storage area. If your luggage exceeds the dimensions the airline issued, it will be considered checked luggage.
  • According to the policy, the airline allows luggage for infants under two years to be ten kg on all types of flights. 
  • The dimension of the luggage must not exceed 158 cm ( sum of height, length, and width).
  • In case of handling, if the luggage weighs more than 32 kg should be split into several pieces that do not exceed the baggage dimensions and weight; otherwise, the luggage will be taken by cargo.
  • Some special baggage is allowed by the airline, such as bicycles, that should be packed appropriately.
  • In the case of any musical thing, the suitable weight is 23 kg, and the full-size length should be around 158 cm ( length breadth height ). Other than this, sports equipment also must not exceed 158 cm and weigh 23 kg.

How much baggage Fees does air Algerie charge?

The Air Algerie Baggage Fees depend on the type of baggage you're taking and the total extra weight or size that will decide the baggage charge. The baggage fees also depend on the type of flight you are traveling with, such as international and domestic. But in general, the airline charge around 85$ to 95$ per bag.

What are air Algerie baggage Guidelines? 

  • The airline cares about its passengers, so air Algerie does not allow electronic cigarettes in the airport and on aircraft for safety reasons.
  • If the passenger carries batteries, they should be tightly packed and securely kept in your luggage. Other than this, if you have any gadget that operates with batteries, it should be shut off and properly sealed.
  • The airline will not permit any type of firearm or replica of it because it can be mistaken for real weapons. Moreover, the manufacturing of firearms is also not allowed. Such as crossbows and arrows are not permitted.
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