An Overview of the Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy

Aeromexico Airlines Guidelines

Aeromexico is a Mexican airline serving more than 90 destinations on both national and international routes. It provides the flexibility to its customers to change flights due to last-minute changes of plans, but before cancellation, Passengers must be well aware of the cancellation policies of the Airline. 

In the upcoming section, the overview of the Aeromexico Airlines cancellation policy is discussed. Continue reading further to get complete knowledge on the same.


Aeromexico Airlines Cancellation Policy:

1)Passengers can modify or cancel their flight ticket after 24 hours of booking to avail of the facility of free cancellation.

2)At the time of changing or canceling a flight ticket, there must be at least seven days or more in the flight departure.

3)If you wish to cancel your ticket post 24 hours, then you need to pay a cancellation fee to the Airline.

4)If the flight was canceled at the Airline's end, then they will either provide you an alternative flight or will provide you a refund.

5)If you booked your flight through miles, then you are not eligible to avail of the “24 hours free cancellation” facility of the Airline.

6)The 24-hour rule is also not valid for group fares, basic or value fares.


Aeromexico Airlines Refund Policy:

In order to claim a refund from the airline, one must take care of the Aeromexico refund policies described below:

1)If you purchased a refundable ticket and, after successful cancellation, you wish to obtain a refund for your ticket, then you must file a request within 24 hours of cancellation to obtain a full refund.

2)If you request a refund after 24 hours of booking, then there will be a deduction from the refunded amount.

3)You will receive a refund either in the form of travel vouchers that you can use for future travel plans, or you might receive a refund in the form of payment made.


Cancellation-related rules: Aeromexico follows specific cancellation rules, and the passengers must obey them in order to continue the process of refund.

  1. If your plan changes and you exchange your flight with another option, then you need to pay the difference in fare to the Airline; that is, if the price of the new ticket is more compared to the old one, then pay the differential amount and if vice versa then you can claim a refund.

  2. You are eligible to cancel your flight and claim a refund if the flight was overbooked & you are involuntarily moved out of it.

  3. You can only make refund requests in the conditions that are under the Airline's control. 


If Aeromexico Airlines cancels a flight, then they provide you a refund, which will take time according to your mode of payment. If you opt for online payment then you will receive a refund within 7-10 business days, and if you opt for the offline mode, which is paid by cash, then it might stretch up to 20 business days to get a refund.


The procedure to cancel the flight: In order to cancel your flight, you must follow the following steps:

1)Visit the official website.

2)Navigate to the “booking” option on the top.

3)Enter your reference number and personal information.

4)Click on “change or cancel.”

5)Finally, confirm cancel my flight option 

6)Tap done

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