United Airlines Baggage Policy

A Blueprint of United Airlines Baggage Guidelines

We all have been in a situation where we pack for the holiday trip, and because of this, we get stopped during the boarding process, which takes more of our time, plus we are asked to pay for extra baggage. So before traveling with United Airlines, you will need to know the United airlines baggage policy and fees so that you can pack accordingly. Keep reading the information below to learn the airline baggage policies and fees for extra baggage. 


What are United Airlines' Baggage Policies?


Carry-on baggage-

  • The airline baggage policy states a passenger can carry one personal item- hand purse, laptop bag, briefcase, etc. and one carry-on bag without any baggage fee.
  • The airline states that the carry-on baggage measurement should not exceed 56*36*23 centimeters, including the handles and wheels.
  • The carry-on bag and the personal item should fit under the seat in front of you or the overhead bin.
  • The personal items measurements should not exceed for more than 41*28*20 centimeters.
  • The items such as a jacket, diaper bags, umbrellas, assistive devices, child restraint seats, strollers, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc., do not come under the carry-on luggage.


Checked Baggage-

  • As the United airlines baggage policy states, passengers can take two bags as checked baggage. Passengers who are from economy class will have to pay the applicable fees.
  • The airline baggage policy says that checked baggage dimensions should not be more than 157 centimeters or 62 inches (length+width+height).
  • The weight of a checked bag should not exceed 23 kilograms or 50 pounds. 


What is United Airlines Baggage Fees?

Passengers must pay the baggage fee for carry-on and checked bags on United Airlines. The baggage fees depend on your booked fare type and the departure destination. If the passenger is an active U.S military personnel or dependent, member of any partner airline, membership of the United airlines frequent flyer program, or passenger has a sponsored charge card/credit card of United Airlines. Below will find all the information-

  • Passengers will have to pay 30 USD for the first checked baggage, and the second checked bag will cost you 40USD. For third baggage and more, you will have to spend 150USD per bag.
  • The baggage fee for international flights to and from the United States is free for the first checked bag; the second checked bag passenger will have to pay $100.
  • Travelers taking International basic economy flights will have to spend on checked baggage fees $ 60 for the first checked bag and $100 for the second bag.
  • The airline allows two checked bags as standard for some of the routes.


Oversize baggage-

Passengers will have to pay the United oversized baggage fees that apply to all baggage with measurements ranging between 160 to 292 centimeters or 63 to 115 linear inches. For Checked baggage, dimensions over 292 centimeters or 115 inches are not permitted by the airline.


Overweight baggage-

  • If your bag weight exceeds 24 to 32 kilograms, then you will have to pay 100 USD per extra baggage.
  • For bags with a weight of 33 to 46 kilograms then, you will be charged 400 USD.
  • The airline will not accept any bag exceeding the weight of 46 kilograms as checked baggage.


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