Sprit Airlines Baggage Policy

Grab Knowledge on Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy 

When you obtain a flight ticket from Spirit Airlines and plan the trip better, you can know the baggage rules. And the information related to this might help you take the luggage on the trip because these rules are according to the ticket type and routes. But when you do not know about this, relax that you may grab the appropriate knowledge by going here.


Descriptive Information on the Baggage Policy of Spirit Airlines 

While getting beneath this title, you can gain awareness about the airline's statutory baggage provision. And the Spirit airlines baggage policy is as follows:-

Carry on Baggage

The luggage that you can carry in your cabin is called the carry-on baggage, and details are as follows:-

  • You can carry one personal item for free with the dimension of 18 x 14 x 8 inches, including wheels and handles. And the things included are a purse, a small backpack, etc.

  • Apart from personal items, you can take carry-on baggage but pay as per the ticket type, and that dimension should not exceed 22 x 18 x10 inches, including handles and wheels. 

  • This baggage must fit in the overhead bin or the front seats.

  • But if you are active in the U.S military, then you can travel with free carry-on baggage with personal items.

Checked Baggage 

The baggage that you get to deliver to the airline at the time of check-in and that can be reached beyond the reach, and the rules for that are as follows:-

  • You can carry up to two to five checked baggage but get to pay for each baggage, and the cost of that could depend on your fare type and destination.

  • The baggage's dimensions must be between 62 inches of inclui=dign length of breath and height. And the weight of that is around 18kg.

  • And active U.S military service personnel can carry baggage up to two without paying any fees.

Overweight and Oversize Baggage 

While packing the baggage, if the item that you get to carry has exceeded the in weight or dimension, then the below information may help you in this:-

  • If the weight is between 18 to 23kg, you may pay around $59 per baggage.

  • And the weight is around 23 to 45kg, and you can charge $99 for every baggage.

  • When the dimension of the baggage in between 158 to 203 cm, then the airline can charge you $100

  • But when you carry a special item that has 80 linear inches, the cost of that is around $150. 

  • On the other hand, the airline does not accept baggage that exceeds 45kg in weight and 80 linear inches. 

Sports Equipment 

When the luggage you are carrying is included with sports equipment, you get to pay additional fees as per the equipment.

  • To carry the bicycle, you can charge $75 

  • You can carry up to two surfboards and get to pay $100 for each one.

  • And the equipment, such as golf clubs or skis, could be encountered as checked baggage policy and overweight or oversize rule.


Further, while reaching out here, you can come across Spirit airline's baggage policy and fees, but if you need more information regarding this, get help from the airline's customer service.

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