SAS Airlines Baggage Policy

SAS Airlines Baggage Policy

SAS is the flag air carrier of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. If you have booked your flights with the airline for the first time and need to learn about the baggage allowance, then you must check the SAS Airlines baggage policy to avoid additional charges at the checkpoint. Pack your bags under the provided limit or pay in advance for the extra baggage if required.

The policies of baggage on SAS Airlines are listed below:

Carry On Baggage

The baggage a passenger can bring with themself on the flight is considered carry-on baggage. 1 person item is allowed per head to bring on the flight and kept in the head bin or under the front seat. For SAS plus smart passengers, 2 carry-on baggage is allowed. 

  • The baggage size should be at most 40cm* 30cm* 15cm.

  • The carry-on baggage is allowed up to 8 kg per head.

Checked Baggage

The checked baggage allowance varies depending on the passenger’s flight fare type, and the policies are as follows:

  • For SAS Go Light flight tickets, no checked baggage is allowed.

  • For SAS Go Smart, SAS Plus Smart, SAS Go Bonus 1 bag is allowed up to 23 kg,

  • For SAS Plus Pro, SAS Plus Bonus 2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed.

  • For SAS Business, SAS Business Bonus 2 bags of 32 kg is permitted.

  • The maximum size of checked baggage is 158 cm.

Special Baggage

Luggage which exceeds the maximum size and weight is considered special baggage on SAS Airlines, like sports equipment, musical instruments, wheelchair, or other special items. Special baggage allowances are as follows:

  • The special baggage allowance is limited, so you must contact SAS Airlines at least 24 hours before the departure of your flight.

  • Requests should be made as soon as possible so that you get confirmation on preference.

  • Special baggage requires additional charges to be added to the baggage allowance.

  • If your special baggage is under the checked baggage limit, it can be considered checked baggage, and you do not have to pay the additional charges.

  • A piece of baggage that exceeds 35 kg weight is considered Special Baggage.

  • All items exceeding 158 cm in size are also considered Special Baggage.

Restricted & Prohibited Items 

There are some items that are restricted to carry on the SAS Airlines flight for safety reasons. If you carry those items, then you have to leave them item at the check-in point in order to board your flight. The restricted & prohibited items include:

  • Sharp points and sharp objects can hurt you or the other passengers on the flight.

  • The flammable, corrosive, radioactive, or oxidizing items are restricted on the plane.

  • Things like an electric cigar and cigarettes are also not allowed to be carried on flights.

Hence, if you have a flight and are packing your bags, consider the SAS Airlines baggage allowance for your convenience. Read the policies carefully, carry the luggage depending on your flight fare type, and learn about the maximum weight and size of the bags. You can also contact the customer service team of SAS Airlines for additional information or to request extra baggage on your flight.

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