Latam Airlines Baggage Policy?

Seek the Guide About Latam Airline's Baggage 

Managing the luggage per the airlines' policies is essential as most things you need to match, like size, weight, dimensions of luggage, etc. To solve these issues, all the airlines have their luggage policies, and Latam airlines are one of them. While bookings with Latam airlines, you will get many facilities like a refund after cancelation, miles, special facilities for disabled passengers, etc. You also get the benefit of Latam airline's baggage policy, which helps you know how much luggage you can carry for free, the weight of the luggage, etc. To know complete guidance about this, you need to read below. 

Latam Airline's Baggage Policies are Below. 

Latam airlines' baggage policies vary as per the type of class you choose while booking the flight. It will also give you information about the things that are not allowed in the luggage. 


For Standard Class 


If you select the standard class seat while booking the flight, you can carry one checked bag and a handbag. The checked bag size is not more than 25 kg, and the handbag is under 7kg. 


For Business Class 


While traveling with Latam airlines, you can take two checked bags and two carry-on bags if you select a business-class seat. But the weight of the checked bag is 28kg which is more than the standard class booking, and the weight of carry-on bags had to be under 8kg. 


For Premium Class


The premium class seat allows you to carry maximum luggage compared to the previous two options. Having the premium class booking, you can take three checked bags and three carry-on bags. The weight of checked bags is under 32 kg, and for carry-on bags, it is 10kg. 


For Extra Luggage


You can carry access luggage, but you must pay extra charges between 10 USD and to 40USD. You can only take one extra bag, and the weight of that bag is under 22 kg. 


For Sports Equipment


If you want to carry your sports equipment like a golf stick or cricket kit while traveling, you must pay additional charges and send it with a checked bag. 


The procedure you must follow to add luggage to your bookings is below. 


Via phone call: You can communicate with the Latam Airlines representative by dialing the customer care number and getting the representative's help. To do it, dial this mentioned number 1 (866) 435-9526 and follow the below-mentioned instructions.


Dial 1 if you want to change the language 

Dial 2 for queries related to new bookings 

Dial 3 if you want to modify your previous bookings 

Dial 4 to add luggage to your bookings 

Dial 5 to communicate with the representative 


Dial the option and then communicate


Via online: Follow the below points if you want to do it online


  • Visit the website of Latam airlines 
  • Click on manage bookings and mention the last name and booking number 
  • Click on modify bookings option and then select the added luggage 
  • Next, you have to mention the luggage information and save it. 
  • If you see any charges, pay them, and you will get a mail of successfully adding luggage. 


By reading the above, you will know about Latam airlines baggage policy and fees; if you have issues, you can communicate with the Latam representative or send them your query on their email id. 


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