Copa Airlines Baggage Policy

Copa Airlines Baggage Policy Before Trip

Sooner you have to head towards your favorite destination for studies or work commitments with your necessary stuff for few months. You are looking for an airline that can accommodate your whole stuff and also fit in your pocket. You can check the Copa airlines baggage policy for your next trip. What is the weight limit, and how many bags are allowed on Copa airlines? For all these details, read this blog to get an idea of what you can carry. So keep reading about the baggage policy.

Terms and conditions of Copa airlines baggage

Here you can get the details such as extra bag, overweight, oversize or restrictions. Please continue to read the important information:

  • Typically, baggage allowance depends on the date, origin and destination, fare class, and preferred member status.
  • If you purchase your ticket through Copa Airlines direct channels such as, reservation center, sales offices, or airport, you can receive discounts on baggage fees.
  • The weight and bags are allowed per passenger, which isn’t transferable to other passengers.
  • The airline allows maximum weight or size dimensions can be transported subject to space availability in the aircraft.
  • Antiquities, backpacks or sleeping bags made of soft materials or with aluminum frames, books and manuscripts, garment bags made out of soft vinyl or plastic, or anything other than clothing, household items like lamps, plates, furniture, handicrafts, paintings or drawings need to be signed declaration form to be transported. This list goes on for things like leather products, liquor, glass bottles, medicine, perishable items, and musical equipment. You can check the official website for more details about what you can carry.
  • According to the policy, items carried to the boarding gates more than your carry-on policy would be checked and charged as additional baggage. The charges depend on the ticket you purchase.
  • The airline is neither accountable nor delivering bags that are left behind at gates, these are given to the airport authorities.
  • Irregularly sized/shaped packages aren’t permitted on flights traveling to and from Cuba, Ecuador, or EI Salvador.
  • In case of a separate reservation, your baggage would be checked to the destination of the first reservation from where you begin your journey. It indicates that you must carry your baggage at the connecting point and match it with the connecting airline.

Baggage Fees at Copa Airlines 

The airline charges around $40 for another bag which is not included in the fare. After that, you are required to pay $175 for subsequent bags. Domestic flights are permitted in economy class 1 x 50 pound (23 kg) bags, whereas business class 2 x 50 pound (23 kg) bags. Copa’s international flights with economy ticket type economy promo/classic allow up to 1 x 50 pound (23 kg) bag.

Here is everything discussed in detail related to the Copa airlines baggage policy and fees. Still, your doubts aren’t touched here you can always contact customer support. Their contact number is 018000-112600. You can also reach them via email or other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. For that, go to their official website for valid information.

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