What is British Airways Baggage Policy?

Know about British Airways Baggage Policy

British Airways provides opportunities for passengers to carry extra luggage onboard. Unlike other airlines, British Airways offers all the services that are passenger-oriented. So, if you are flying with British Airways and want to know British Airways' baggage policy, below is a discussion that will assist you in all the best ways by which you can also save any additional cost charged by the airline for exceeding baggage limits. Please have a look:

Understand the British Airways Baggage Policy:

If you want to avoid additional charges imposed by the airways for exceeding baggage limits, you must know about its baggage policy. So, please go through the points that are written:

  • You are allowed to carry 2 hand baggage (personal items) onboard, and the weight should not exceed 23 KG.

  • The size of onboard baggage must be 56CM x 45CMx 25CM (hand baggage) and 40CMx 30CMx 15CM (for small items.)

  • Your checked baggage must not exceed the size of 90CMx 75CMx 45CM. And if you exceed the limits, you will be charged a certain fee (between EURO 15- Euro 70, the price range may vary from time to time.)

  • You are also allowed to add extra baggage, and for this, there is an additional fee will be charged by the airlines. And this fee depends from route to route. 

  • The number of bags you can carry as checked baggage depends on the nature of a flight, for example, its route, class, destination, etc. 

  • If you have First Club World Biz Bed, you are allowed to carry 3 items of luggage, and the weight must now exceed 32 KG each. 

  • If you have an Economy class ticket, only 1 bag can carry a maximum weight of 23 kg each. 

  • If you have Class (Club Europe), you are permitted to carry 2 bags with a weight of 32 KG each.

  • Passengers are allowed to carry 10 pieces of luggage (maximum), and for this, there is a separate fee you need to incur from the airlines. (to know about the fees for extra baggage, you are suggested to reach out to the airlines to inquire.)

  • You are also permitted to carry musical or sports equipment with a maximum weight of 23 KG. 

  • If your children or infant has a seat, the same rules will be implied to carry baggage as applied to adults. 

  • You can carry a wheelchair or other aid equipment (which must be within the limit of weightage.)

  • If you are still in doubt about the Baggage policy, you can view details on British Airways’ official website.

If you want to know about the process of how to add extra baggage, below is a process; please have a look:

  • Visit the official website of British Airways. 

  • You have to tap on the “Discover” option on the website.

  • Once you have tapped, you have to tap on “Baggage Essentials.”

  • Then you will find the option “Add more bags,” tap on it. 

  • Type all the asked details. (reference number etc.)

  • And Submit the request. 

You are advised to go through the policy before adding extra baggage; this will assist you in saving additional costs charged by the airlines. 

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