What is the Baggage Policy of Austrian Airlines?

What is the Baggage Policy of Austrian Airlines?

Once you travel with the Austrian airline, you can carry your belongings more flexibly. The Baggage Policy of Austrian Airlines will let you carry a sufficient amount of baggage. The policies will help you maintain the limit of baggage so that you do not have to pay a fine for crossing the limits that the airline authority has set. You can go through this article further to know about the baggage policies that have been designed under the supervision of the senior authorities. The policies maintain decorum and a trustworthy environment among airline authorities and clients.

  • According to the Austrian Airline baggage policy, if you have a single bag, the permitted dimension is the maximum size of 158 cm, including (height, width, and length) and the weight should be a maximum of 23 kg to 32 kg in business class. 
  • If you are carrying more enormous, heavier, or additional bags, then it will count as excess baggage. 
  • If you are traveling and the stay exceed up to 28 days then you will get the increased 30kg (66lbs) of free baggage allowance. 
  • If it is an individual flight then the free baggage limit may be different from the applicable standard. So you need to check the check-in limit, which is mentioned on your ticket. As well as checks the booking confirmation before the departure of the flight. 
  • If the passenger is traveling with infants ( babies ) and children from the age ( 2 to 12 years), then the airline allows for one piece of baggage, which should be weighed a maximum of 23 kg (50lbs) allowed. 
  • If you are carrying the collapsible stroller, it weighs up to 10 kg (22 lbs) and can be transported free of cost on all your flights.

You can follow the below-written points that are required during free baggage allowance.

  • You have to label each piece of luggage with the name and address.
  • Please avoid packing the following items in your checked-in baggage like money, jewelry, computers ( such as laptops, tablets, or any kind of computer), photographic film and photo equipment, valuable documents, work papers, and passport, and it is advised to take those items in a carry on or hand luggage.
  • In case, due to a technical glitch, the free baggage allowance of 23 kg is not mentioned on your ticket after online check-in, then still your baggage allowance is included in your ticket, and it can be checked in at the machine counter free of charge with ease. 
  • If you are carrying a special carriage that can increase the maximum weight and dimension, such as a musical instrument, sports equipment, and other excess baggage should be registered via email account. 

Baggage fees 

The fees may vary according to the type of route you have chosen. But in general, the fees are set from 31$ to 95.59$, which can be paid from your preferred payment gateways. 

Suppose you have doubts regarding Baggage and Fee Policy of Austrian Airlines. In that case, you can connect with the customer service executive via the toll-free number +43 5 176 676 700, which can be dialed from your preferred location. The number will connect you with a professional who will resolve your query with a practical solution.

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