Air China Airlines Baggage Policy

Air China Airlines Baggage Policy

Air China has ensured that passengers can carry their luggage free of cost. That is the reason they have a free baggage policy. However, it would help if you maintained the measurements and weight limits. In this manner, you’ll be able to avoid any extra charges and you’ll be able to carry your luggage utterly free of cost. You can read all the policies that are given below. You can even choose to connect with the customer service team. The representatives are going to ensure that you get the solution quickly. So, make sure that before you start packing your baggage after making the booking, you have read all the conditions given in the policy. 

Baggage Policy: 

Below mentioned Air China Airlines Baggage Policy is there to help you carry your luggage free of cost. 

  • You’re allowed to carry two free pieces of checked baggage on the Air China flight.

  • Make sure that your baggage is completely packed. 

  • You are not allowed to attach any extra item outside the baggage. 

  • You must only tie two or more pieces of baggage. 

  • It is recommended for all passengers that an information card be attached to the baggage so that in case it is lost, the person who finds it will be able to get it back to you. 

  • The minimum weight of the checked baggage should be at least two kg. 

  • The total linear dimension of the checked baggage should be at most 203cm. 

  • If you’re traveling on a domestic flight, you must ensure that your checked baggage piece does not exceed the limit of 45kg. 

  • Your checked baggage should weigh 32kg if the flight is international. 

  • In the case of carry-on baggage, you must ensure that it fits inside the overhead cabin without hassle. 

Hopefully, the baggage policy is clear to you. In case you are carrying additional baggage, then you have to make the payment for that. The Air China extra baggage cost is $30. You need to ensure that you stick to the policy of Air China. 

How to Add Additional Baggage? 

To add the extra baggage, you have to stick to the steps below.

  • Open Air China’s website. 

  • Now make the selection of check-in options. 

  • Enter the PNR number and the name that is given on the ticket. 

  • Press the check-in button. 

  • Now you will see the possibility of “Add baggage.” 

  • You can mention the number of additional baggage and its weight. 

You have completed the check-in process, and your boarding pass will reflect the details. 

Connect with the Air China

You can connect with the Air China representative to ensure you get complete information related to the baggage policy. There are different routes you can use to communicate with them. It can be calling or social networking. Calling is undoubtedly the fastest method to connect with them. 

  • Call Air China’s official number. 

  • From the menu of IVR, you have to choose the options below. 

  • The executive will make sure that you get the solution without any delay. 

You can even get in touch with them through the social network option once you have sent your message to the verified account. Then soon, you’ll get the information. 

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