How Do I Talk To Someone at Cartagena Airport?

How Do I Contact the Cartagena Airport?

Booking your flight tickets is probably the first step towards your journey, and going through the security checks and procedures might be the last. However, to answer the query, How do I contact the Cartagena airport? you must ensure that these steps should be taken without any trouble and you get to your journey happily and comfortably. To ensure this, you must have all the contact details of an Airline from which you are traveling and the Cartagena Airport from where you must take your flight. Further, all the contact details of the Airport are given. Go through them and enlighten yourself:


How Do I Talk To Someone at Cartagena Airport?

If you are at the Rafael Nunez International Airport and while you are completing your check-in procedure, you get many issues, and to resolve them, it is mandatory that you have the exact contact details of the Airport, which will connect you with customer service immediately. All the prominent contact numbers of the Airport are listed below:


  • Toll Free - +1 (802) 341-3459, +1 (802)541-3459

  • Baggage - +57 317 511 4820, +1 (802)541-3459

  • Airport Enquiry - +57 35 643 0571

  • Parking - +57 5 658 0949.

  • Car Rentals - +57 5 693 2998


How Do I Contact Lost and Found at Cartagena Airport?

If you have lost some of your stuff at the Airport, you can get to the lost and found section and ask them for help. You can also dial +57 316 343 1435, the lost and found phone number of the Airport, and provide them with the details of your stuff so they can help you easily and quickly.

What are the services that Rafael Nunez International Airport provides?

When you get to the Airport on time and complete all the security checks and formalities easily, then you have to wait for your flight. At this time, you can take advantage of many services provided by the Airport:

  • Language Assistance - If you have any issues understanding the language at the Airport, you can get language assistance in any language you are comfortable with.

  • Customer Information - The customer helpdesk will provide all the information and help you with everything to ensure a comfortable journey.

  • Baggage Services - If you have any queries about your baggage, you can ask the baggage service at the Airport.

  • Parking - You can get parking at the Cartagena Airport, but if you still face any issues, you can contact customer service.

  • Medical Service - You can get the Doctor instantly at the Airport in case your health deteriorates because of medical history.

  • Currency Exchange - You can exchange your currency at the Airport as you cannot bring the one you have to another country.

  • Electric Carts - You do not have to carry your heavy bags at the Airport as the electric carts will help you bring them.

  • Children's Play Areas - If you are traveling with your kids, you can take them to children's play area so that you can be free.

  • Airport Police - If you witness any crime at the Airport, you can immediately report the Airport police, available everywhere at the Airport.

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